Wednesday, January 12, 2011

chaotic soul :(


Remember the kind of entry I was experiencing depression ? It . Although I want to tell ourselves mute this moment of blogging but I can not . I'm still going to sneak to updated .

I think the longer I'm just wasting time at home , the more severe and difficult situation I am now . It sounds kind of very serious , right ? Sometimes I feel like want to run away from people . To a place with no phone line , wifi , television , sound and motor cars are very strong and old-fashioned technology .

I get enough sleep . Even at 10 am get up but trust me , I'm not easy to sleep . Do not know why . Of sleep I could not be more different from when I was in school first . Maybe I'm not normal , so if later than usual it is difficult to sleep . But not because of it ! When I closed an eye , the sounds , and many items appear . Horror ? Now I just want the perfect bed . The fun is not interrupted .

When conditions are not necessarily the date , I feel emotional and I was thinking the worst and matted .

I'm easily irritable and crying . I'm worried and disgusted look at the behavior of those around me . Ya Allah , I'm not willing to continue such a natural state . I want to be "me" is a bit quiet before :(


tomatokering :) said...

laaa awat bunyik cam sad2 je nie ? huu

Kotakudukuit ツ said...

bukan bunyi je tp sudah kilat siap dngan effect petir lagi , heshh .

Freaky said...

jalan2 sini. jangan sedih :)